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Ancient Practices for a Modern World

The world is at a historical turning point, and our individual role is more important than ever. Our way of perceiving the world, greatly influenced by a daily practice, will decide our behaviour in daily life. A stable practice will make us more resilient, capable of anything.



The Da Xuan tradition of Daoist self cultivation has a long and rich history with a recorded lineage beginning formally in 510AD. The tradition does not ask for practitioners to take any cultural or religious beliefs, rather its focus is on providing the you with practices that will transform your lives. If you do it, it works! 

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Types of Practices

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Student Testimonials

"Da Xuan has helped me develop confidence on many levels. Confidence in my body, which feels more grounded and relaxed, in my breath, which is deeper and more nourishing, and my mind, which is finding stability and focus. All of these subtle yet powerful changes transform my experience of life altogether. "
Guillemette Villemin
"The thing that is most noticeable for me in my daily life since starting to train in Da Xuan is that I get far less stuck in my emotional states. When emotions come they leave again quickly. And this feels great!"
Bruno Giustozzi
When I first started Da Xuan, I was completely oblivious to the profound effects this mysterious ancient wisdom would have on my life. It didn't come straight away - I had to keep showing up to discover it's simple secrets which transformed me from frazzled and distracted to a natural state of feeling more grounded, focused, clear and joyful. Without a doubt this has been life transforming!
Cherie Gorringe