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Short Courses

Below you will find short courses on a variety of topics from the Da Xuan tradition. Each course will go into details about its specific topic and give you a selection of practices that will help you cultivate that aspect of the training. We have a saying in the tradition: If you do it, it works. Enroll today!

Introduction to the
9 Daxuan BreathS

To understand breathing, we need to experience it.

To gain experience, we practice.

To practice, we need to use methods and techniques.

Thought can help guide us in this process, but to find understanding through the body, we need to go beyond our intellect.

This course is a light presentation of the more complex training available at the Daxuan School.

I have chosen these techniques from a larger set of more complex methods and techniques.

While these techniques support beginners, they can also help the practice of advanced students.

Training is circular. We can always go back to the basics, even if we’ve been practicing neidan for years.

It’s best to learn the six techniques one by one, with three breaths accompanied by an instructor.

Start with the first technique and work your way down the list sequentially.

We can simply work at our own pace to develop all six techniques.

Although the techniques can be used separately, they are often used together.

Although these techniques are most often practiced seated, you can also choose to practice them standing, lying down or walking.

Once you’re comfortable with these techniques, you can practice them anywhere, anytime.

Natural breathing, nasal breathing and even pore breathing can be practiced while you’re waiting for the bus, sitting behind a desk or taking a brief moment of respite from the screens that occupy your life.

Price: 50 euros

Introduction to Nei Dan: Internal Alchemy

In the Ge Xuan Alchemical tradition, the description of the alchemical practice is generally divided into four steps:

  • Igniting the Three Soul Fires
  • Refining the Essence (Jing) to transmute it into Breath (Qi)
  • Refining the Breath to transmute it into Spirit (Shen)
  • Refining the Spirit to return to the Dao

The main characteristics of these four steps are as follows:

  1. “Lighting the Three Soul Fires” is the practice performed to reconstitute the Three Origins (sanyuan), i.e., Original Essence, Original Breath and Original Spirit) in the body by opening an energetic and spiritual circulation.
  2. “Refining the Essence to transmute it into Breath” is the “initial barrier” of inner cultivation. At this stage, the original Essence, the original Breath and the original Spirit unite and form a Breath made of the union of Essence and Breath. This step is also called the composition of the great medicine or the great Elixir.
  3. “Refining the Breath to transmute it into Spirit” is the “intermediate barrier” of inner cultivation. The Great Medicine coagulates with the Original Spirit, and they form a Spirit made from the union of the Three Origins. This stage is also called the crystallization of the Elixir.
  4. “Refining the mind to return to emptiness” is the “upper barrier” of inner cultivation. By refining the mind, one attains emptiness and non-being, the formal reunion with Yuan Qi and the experience of Wu Ji. This is the highest state.

This course will introduce the four stages and will give effective Formulas for a personal Practice.

Price: €50 

Introduction to the

Why is “the Way if the Warrior” so important for today’s world?

The challenge, of course, is that our world has always been full of things designed to distract us. Today, people find themselves attached to their mobile phones, but they are only the latest potential obstruction to your realization.

Being a Tradition in “Real Life”, Daxuan always tried to teach people to stay focused, training, working and evolving.

People complained about the brain-melting power of television since its inception. Before that, it was the telephone, comic books, and the radio. Even the written word was blamed for creating “forgetfulness in the learners’ souls,” according to Socrates.

Though some of these things seem dull in comparison to today’s enticements, distractions have and always will be facts of life and Daoists always tried to reclaim full usage of our focus Mind.

Today’s distractions, however, feel different. The amount of information available, the speed at which it can be disseminated, and the ubiquity of access to new content on our devices has made for a trifecta of distraction.

If it’s a distraction you seek, it’s easier than ever to find.

What is the cost of all that distraction? In 1971 the psychologist Herbert A. Simon presciently wrote, “The wealth of information means a dearth of something else . . . a poverty of attention.”

The less you focus your Mind, the more it will become easily distracted.

Researchers tell us attention and focus are the raw materials of human creativity and flourishing. In the age of increased automation, the most sought-after jobs are those that require creative problem-solving, novel solutions, and the kind of human ingenuity that comes from focusing deeply on the task at hand.

Socially, we see that close friendships are the bedrock of our psychological and physical health. Loneliness, according to researchers, is more dangerous than obesity. But, of course, we can’t cultivate close friendships if we’re constantly distracted.

Consider our children. How can they flourish if they can’t concentrate long enough to apply themselves? What example are we setting for them if our loving faces are replaced by the tops of our heads as we constantly stare into our screens?

Distraction stops you from achieving your goals, that’s that simple.

Distraction stops you from realizing your Path.

It is any action that moves you away from what you really want.

The Way of the Warrior is more than ever needed.

This is now the Opportunity to reclaim the full consciousness of your own Life.

Price: €500